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Open House

October 7, 2008

Now now. In my last post, I said yesterday was the ‘halt’ of Raya. I cant believe this, I just got an invitation to a Raya open house tonight. It doesn’t matter that it’s a last minute invite as there’s not much happenings in Brunei but on a weekday? Also, I have been arguing with my other half about this concept of this Open House where you set a specific date and time for all Dicks, Johns and Harrys or our Malay version – si Daud, Johan & Hairi.

Apologies if my point may be offending to others who concur with the concept but my point was that the personal touch is gone once you set the time and date to entertain your guests. How on earth can you spend time when there are so many guests coming, worse at the same time and all you can say is, ‘Bah, makan  tah’ or ‘Please help yourselves with the food’?

When was the Open House concept, err should I say, conceive? Correct me if I am wrong but I remember it started about five or six years ago when the idea to get everyone at the same time became like a trend or fashion. Now it has become a tradition.

Oh yes, I would still go to any Open House but I don’t think I would do one for myself. I just hope the host would still have time to hear my answers when asked how I am doing…if the host can steal time to ask. This is just me being myself trying to know a person on a personal basis. Not simply, Hi and Bye or Wham! Bam!….Thankyou ermmm…, who are you again?) That’s just very rude isnt it.

Oh my, I sound paranoid…I should relax, let loose and enjoy Hari Raya while it last. Maaf Zahir & Batin everyone.

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