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The milk scandal continues…added list!

September 26, 2008
Lets not party - Party Animals biscuits pack.
Lets not party – Party Animals biscuits pack.

Two more items have been added to the banned list. The popular Dutch lady with their colourful flavors – banana, honey dew and strawberry milk should not be consumed and sold in Brunei. The other item is the Animal Party biscuits (with it’s 45 animal-shaped biscuits in a pack); have also been found to contain high levels of melamine contamination.

The Food Quality and Safety Control Section, Ministry of Health (MoH) said that prolonged exposure to the chemical through consumption will affect the person’s health and is known to develop kidney stones in the urinary system. A recent inspection on establishments in Brunei which was carried out by the MoH has revealed that several dairy and milk products made in China are being sold in the country and a recall of all these products has been issued.

The hotline for the Food Safety & Quality Control Division is 2331100/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 9 or 0 or fax: 2331107.

Meanwhile, some past about China’s products:

In year 2004, China’s milk powder brought about the deaths of more than 12 babies. This happened because the babies were fed with fake milk powder that contained no nutrients at all.

Secondly, more than 15 cats and dogs died after the pet food supplied by China were found to contain melamine (term explained later). This affected countries as far as North America as well.

There were claims that two brands of Chinese toothpaste contained the lethal chemical diethylene glycol, which is the main culprit for causing kidney and liver damage.

More than 100 victims had died, believed to have drunk the poisonous, mis-labelled drug in cough syrups from China.

Last year, the world’s largest toymaker, Mattel had to recall over more than 18 million made-in-China toys. Most of these toys were found to contain lead paint, which could result in serious health problems. Examples of such problems include affecting a child’s behaviour and learning abilities negatively. In more serious cases, it can even cause fits and death!

In June last year, around 450,000 tyres made by China was recalled. This was due to the insufficient or missing gum strip which prevented belt separation. As a consequence, vehicles may break down at highway speeds.

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  1. October 6, 2008 12:41 pm

    Oh my. Will the tainted China produced products ever end?


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