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Sungkai buffet

September 3, 2008

Sungkai buffet at $25 per pax….

$21 for adult and  $18.50 for child….

50% promotion for Ramadhan Specials…

Free sungkai!

The list is endless. It’s only the second day of fasting and so much promos on Sungkai, and some even sahur, buffets. Sungkai is the breaking of the past whilst sahur is the pre-dawn meal. WYWY Restaurant yesterday splashed a free sungkai and nope, I didn’t go there because traffic jams and long queues are not my cup of tea. The thought of getting a free seat with scores of people fighting for it really put me off.

After much discussions and debates, my family and I ended breaking the fast at Fratini’s. I thought of breaking the fast on the first day at home but as we were busy cleaning around our new home and shopping for home furniture late in the afternoon, it was too late to prepare a sungkai home meal.

Fratini’s do not have Sungkai buffet. “We only have 50% off promotions for pasta and pizza ma’am,” said the lady who answered my call to the restaurant. I know it’s just a bit strange to break the fast with Italian dishes but yesterday we just had to. Luckily they gave us kurma or dates; well, just one each for the five of us.  

I think it was only a couple of years back that restaurants and cafes in the country started to offer Sungkai buffet promotions. Yes, business is good during this time of the year. Some even offer prizes, like umrah or the mini pilgrimage to the holy land. Bookings and reservations are a must to avoid dissapointment. 

Simpur has taken the liberty to put up a directory, listing 25 eateries at the moment, from the ones at The Empire down to small restaurants, which offer the sungkai buffet. Go check it out!

The page gives ‘…an overview of what types of food the restaurants serve, and of course the all important reservation phone numbers!’ [and, second most importantly the price!] It offer the free listing, so restaurant and cafe owners, contact Simpur (and contact me too :p).

Bon Appetit! Not now, later when you are breaking your fast.

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