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Coca Cola cans get into Ramadhan mood

August 23, 2008
This is it. I wonder if Coca Cola will change its corporate red colour to green?

This is it. I wonder if Coca Cola will change its corporate red colour to green?

Picking up a post from this site, I came across this interesting image of the Coca Cola cans with the well-recognized symbol of Islam – the crescent and the star on them. The site said that Coca Cola plans to celebrate Ramadan this year by decorating cans with a crescent moon and star – a widely recognized Islamic symbol.

It says: ” …The moon and star can be found on at least 11 flags of Muslim countries, and now it will be featured on packaging in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia and other Islamic countries during the Sept. 1-30 Muslim holiday. (Not a mention of Brunei – maybe the local distributor have an explaination?).

“In 2006, Coca-Cola released a statement about its recognition of Ramadan.  In a globalizing world, Ramadan presents an opportunity to showcase the true values of Islam and what it stands for. Because no other brand is as inclusive as and no other company is as diverse as Coca-Cola, we have a unique opportunity to play a valued role as an international bridge-builder and facilitator of dialogue during Ramadan.”

Meanwhile, in Singapore last year, the Coca Cola Company also introduced a specially developed, refreshing beverage called “Qurma” date juice drink by Minute Maid. It didn’t get it’s way to Brunei. Did anyone come across the Qurma drink here in the local market?

Some useful info on dates:

Dates have been consumed in the Arab and Muslim world for centuries for the sustenance and energy provided by this venerable fruit of the palm tree. Dates are such a complete source of natural energy and nutrition that in the early years of Islam they served as food for Muslim warriors who would carry them in special bags hung at their sides for they were considered the best food as the natural sugars in dates are absorbed and quickly converted into energy faster than any other nutrient.

Centuries on, Muslims continue to break their fast by eating dates although the daily battles now focus on maintaining a balanced, healthy body and mind during the Holy Month of Ramadan. I humbly awaits my share of kurma again this year from His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei. Bless you Your Majesty.

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