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August 19, 2008

I don’t know if anyone watches RTB? I do. Usually the news of course. Sometimes its interesting to see moving images than still photography. Ok am not here to debate about these two but more to the RTB programme tonight called Fenomena of phenomena in English. Not sure if this is a repeat either but it’s on RTB1 tonight starting at 1930 hours.

In a nutshell I can say that this programme is not all about extra-terristerial or phenomenial or even para-normal incidents happening in Brunei. (That’s not the nutshell) Ok, in a nutshell this programme tells viewers on the most taboo topics you could find in Brunei and yes they are happening in Brunei. The actual events were re-created by actors.

30 hrs Brunei time.

Fenomena on hot topics happening in Brunei tonight on RTB1 starting at 17:30 hrs Brunei time.

I was watching this programme by accident a couple of weeks ago while clicking the remote control, searching for channels. What caught me at that time was this very angry man (boy, he really could act for his part) who was shouting abuses to his wife. Next thing I knew, he was hitting her, banging her to the wall and doing all sort of physical abuses. Of course these were all actings based on true stories and the programme came up with official facts and figures on the number of domestic violence (and they are rising) each year.

So last week, I watched the programme again and it was about free sex. Hmm… yes free sex in Brunei happening mostly to teenage girls. The programme interviewed two girls (with their backs to the camera) who live to tell about their free sex activities. One of them said, its not about money (did you hear about the $20 top-up mobile cards girls?). It was just for fun, she said, because her friends were doing it. The other one said she was desperate for her parents’ attention and needed money. These two girls were from the Taman Hidayah, a place for troubled, runaways and unwanted girls, located in Pulaie.

So where are the boys? I have no idea why boys do not have such place. I am sure there are troubled boys otherwise there wouldn’t be troubled girls, yes? Brunei do not have a juvi and I heard that those who commit crime are thrown into the prison where the adult criminals are. Imagine the physological effect on these boys. 

Back to my Fenomena… tonight, it’s the tenth episode and it will be on, err, sodomy. From RTB City’s website:

 Fenomena – Ep. 10  ‘Sodomi’ 

Innocent children are treated like animals by inhuman people who cruelly use them to fulfil their debase desires. In order to fulfil his cruel intentions, one man uses his intellect to conjure up a plan and conceal his dark heart. He then pretends to be good to small children. 

Watch it!

Oh, one last point. To the producer, well done for coming up with the programme. Just don’t quite agree with the tiltle – Fenomena. Any explaination? This is from wikipedia:

phenomenon (from Greek φαινόμενoν, pl. φαινόμεναphenomena) is any occurrence that is observable.[1] In popular usage, a phenomenon often refers to an extraordinary event.

 A phenomenon (plural: phenomena) is an observable event, particularly something special.

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  1. October 27, 2008 12:18 am

    I was actually thinking the same thing; why the title “Fenomena”; even during the entire shoot, the title didn’t really grasp me.. I dunno.. What do you reckon it should be?

    (on the other hand, I look so fat in that pic, pleh)

  2. Ramble On permalink
    November 8, 2008 10:48 am

    Hi Muaz. Is that you? I think it should be changed to Taboos or yg sewaktu dengan nya. Is there going to be more episodes of the programme. I like it actually.

  3. March 7, 2009 4:01 pm

    Heh – I was trying to look for my post on the show and I came across this again, Yes that is me.. and yeah, Taboos actually sound better I guess because the topics mentioned here are things you don’t read or hear in our local news.. I THINK there’s gonna be a second season to this show.

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