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August 14, 2008

I don’t know if my prayers were answered but I actually managed to literally sit down and do nothing but watch the Olympics. Jangan jeles… but there is nothing to be envious as I am actually in pain, was in terrible pain on THAT day.

Last week while rushing back to work after lunch at home, I didn’t realise I was stepping on my own head veil, which was so smooth that you can ski with it. As I was in a hurry, I stepped on it and slipped. In a vain, I tried to save my own body weight by anchoring it and stretching my right hand. This resulted in a shoulder dislocation. That was really an unfortunate reflex action that all humans do whenever we are in such situation. The next thing I heard was a crack and I was in the most horrible pain that I have ever encountered in my life. (Later I told my mom that I would rather endure the pain of delivering babies than having the dislocation).

This is not mine. I wasnt allowed to take pic of my own X-Ray.

This is not mine. I wasnt allowed to take pic of my own X-Ray.

An X-Ray proved the doctors right (yes, three towering doctors in the A&E) who confirmed that I had dislocated my shoulder. My arm’s bone was down by six inches from the shoulder joint I heard them talking among themselves while studying my X-Ray. I was put to sedation (they told it was morphine but in low dose of course) so they could pull and put back my arm. One of the attendants later told me that even while I was sedated, she heard that I still gave a good cry.

Anyway, its almost a week now and this morning a review at the Ortho Clinic showed that 99% of my arm is already in place. Meaning? Meaning I am still in a bit of a pain and I am unable to raise my hand for the next couple of weeks. The doctor at the clinic said to give it a rest for a month and it will, Insya Allah be 100%. No lifting, no badminton (I don’t play badminton) and yoga, I asked. Ohh…no yoga that involve my right arm. Blogging? Writing? Typing? Nothing? I am still praying…

Useful info (for self) on shoulder dislocation:

Shoulder dislocation has long plagued victims of trauma.  Murals in Egyptian tombs as early as 3000 BCE depict glenohumeral dislocation and manipulation resembling the Kocher technique.  Hippocrates detailed the oldest known reduction method, which is still used today.

Pathophysiology: The shoulder dislocates more than any other joint.  It moves almost unrestricted, but pays the price of vulnerability.  Its integrity is maintained by the glenohumeral joint capsule, the cartilaginous glenoid labrum, which extends the shallow glenoid fossa, and muscles of the rotator cuff.
Anterior dislocations account for over 95%, with posterior dislocations making up 2-4% and inferior dislocations about 0.5%.  Superior and intrathoracic dislocations are extremely rare….oh this is boring…next!

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  1. kepalahotakbejambul permalink
    August 14, 2008 8:23 pm

    awh~ sian eh..but things hapen. give it a very good REST and be extra careful next time yea. wishing you wellness always there. keep it kewl..jgn begagas (“,)

  2. Ramble On permalink
    August 15, 2008 11:00 am

    tq kepala…yes ‘jgn begagas’…

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