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July 3, 2008

Look who just walked in to our Tv studio? His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei.

I am always fascinated (like children do – uh uh), watching the cucul or decorative lights now showering the country. The lights are on in view of the Sultan of Brunei’s birthday celebration. I will try to take pictures and post them here.

This post is dedicated to the Sultan of Brunei, our beloved ruler. He will be 62 on 15 July. I think he doesn’t even look like he is 60. Not just because he is rich, he really takes care of his health. Try racing him (if the Protocol allow you i.e.) up Bukit Shahbandar and see who got to the top first.
Some of the reasons why I like him are because he is: (not in order)

  • Truly a handsome man (some say to see if you are really handsome or beautiful- wait till you are 40)
  • Kind and generous to his citizens
  • Caring – just read the news on his surprise visits to the Government and he listens!
  • Keeps fit and healthy

When I was studying in the UK, one of the residents there asked where I come from. I answered, Brunei. As expected, he didn’t know where on earth Brunei is. After failing to give him where exactly Brunei is, I showed him my Brunei notes – just to relate something about Brunei. Immediately he said, ‘Ah, the Sultan of Brunei!’

That picture above (taken from the Infofoto Gallery) shows His Majesty consenting to have his blood pressure checked. He was not visiting a health centre but actually RTB. The Tv station was doing a recording for a health programme when His Majesty walked in to the studio as part of his surprise visits. What a pleasant surprise.

You can read his background info from the official site of the Brunei Government.

Long live in good health for our Sultan and his family. Amin.  

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