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Smoke gets in your eyes

June 11, 2008

I have been looking around on the after-math of the new Tobacco Order and nope, the authority didn’t pay me for this. Just my curiosity and hope no cat got killed.

Our own ‘Seven Eleven’ shops that I went to have put up the posters and are selling less cigarette packs on their shelves. I asked if the new order affect their sales and most answered yes. They also said that they make sure the buyers are really above 18. Yes I wouldn’t want to get into trouble myself.

A dinner at one of the popular hang-outs among smokers in Gadong was a pleasant experience as no one smoke even on the outside part of the restaurant. I asked the waiter on where their loyal patrons are (who smoke of course) and he said he hasn’t seen any for the past week or so. So my instant conclusion is that business owners are really the one affected.  

I have put up a post previously on how we can completely stop people from smoking – triple the price! Debating Brunei has other suggestions. I think the next step in improving the environment and controlling pollution is to set a limit on the level of smoke being emitted from vehicles, cafes and restaurants. I don’t like smoke, it gets into my eyes.  


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