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World Environment Day today

June 5, 2008

Kick the CO2 habitIt’s World Environment Day today, commemorated each year on 5 June. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

The World Environment Day slogan for 2008 is Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy. Recognising that climate change is becoming the defining issue of our era, UNEP is asking countries, companies and communities to focus on greenhouse gas emissions and how to reduce them. The World Environment Day will highlight resources and initiatives that promote low carbon economies and life-styles, such as improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, forest conservation and eco-friendly consumption. The main international celebrations of World Environment Day 2008 will be held in New Zealand.

For Brunei, both the Government and private organisations have done their bits for example ISB’s 100 million trees planting project; the recently-concluded Energy Week; UBD’s campus beautifying project and many more. The greatest project of all is the priceless Heart of Borneo.

What’s left now is for each and every one of us to think or start reducing our own carbon foot-prints. Below is a list of the 80 A – Zs way to celebrate the day as taken from the UNEP’s website. Here’s to a greener world!

Adopt a ‘green’ way of life – more plants, less plastic, go to basic
Art made of recycled materials – go creative
Auctions to benefit an environmental project- any takers?
Award presentations for environmental competitions – HSBC please take note
Awareness campaigns – need more of these especially for the next Energy Week


Bicycle parades/races – at national level?
Broadcast of public service announcements (TV and Radio) – RTB?
Buy a fuel-efficient car – do we have any in Brunei market already?

Calculate your carbon footprint – here’s how.
Carpools – in Brunei? Why not?
Celebrity support – Wu Chun?
Clean-up campaigns – we Bruneians have been doing this for years.
Competitions (banner, drawing, essay, painting, poster, poetry) – Dewan Bahasa?
Conferences on the environment – BEDB?

Debates on environment issues – UBD?
Dedicate your blog to World Environment Day on 5 June – I just did! Won’t you?
Distribute leaflets, brochures and posters – Again, HSBC, Shell?
Donate to an environmental cause – Nice and thoughtful idea

Environmental education programmes in schools – MoE
Excursions to nature sites – MoE and Environment Department at MoDev
Exhibitions (drawings, posters, photos, paintings) – again Dewan Bahasa

Fairs – Yes, we all love fairs and it seem we can expect these, like twice a year
Festivals – ditto –
Film festivals on the environment – films in Brunei?

Give a gift membership of an environmental organisation – who want to start one?
Guidelines to community-based environmental activities – Envrionment Department

Hoist banners at major road intersections – need Government approval for this
Help local environmental groups organise WED events – ???

Inform all your friends about WED – I just did!
Involve various partners (NGOs, ministries, youth groups, celebrities, private sector)
Issue First Day Covers (stamps) – Postal Services and Mr Daily Brunei Resources?

Join an environmental group – Let’s start one for Brunei
Join UNEP’s carbon neutral network – check the website on how to join in
Join the Billion Tree Campaign – or locally, go to International School Brunei, ISB

Keep your neighbourhood clean – Ask your neighbours too, politely please.
Kick-start an environmental campaign – Let’s start one NOW!
Kick the CO2 habit! – How?
Know your rights – We all should!

Launch of government environment policies, books, reports
Lobby local authorities to adopt sound environmental policies

March for the environment
Media coverage and activities

Never litter

Offset your emissions
Organic farming/cooking
Organize a WED themed event in your neighbourhood

Performances (plays, songs, poetry)
Plant a tree
Plastic bags: avoid them!
Promotional material (t-shirts, stickers, bookmarks)
Puppet shows for children with an environmental message

Quizzes related to the theme for schools, youth groups, company staff, etc…

Rainwater harvesting
Ratify international environmental conventions
Reduce, re-use, recycle
Rehabilitate natural habitats
Replace your light-bulbs with energy saving ones

Save paper
Sort rubbish
Sponsorship from private sector
Sports activities
Switch off stand-by TV and computer

Take action
T-shirts for WED

Use sustainable modes of transportation (walking, jogging, cycling, skating, carpool)

Vehicle emission monitoring
Vermicomposting (no idea what this is)
Visits to botanical gardens and national parks
Volunteer for organizations such as Clean Up the World

Waste less!
Write plays, poems, songs
Write letters to civic leaders, members of parliament, government and newspapers

Xchange ideas
Xpect environmental responsibility

Youth-led activities

Zero emissions

3 Comments leave one →
  1. kaiseekstheson permalink
    June 6, 2008 12:48 am

    luv it! earth day every day! lol.

    i pray the recent environmental fad won’t vanish–living “green” is truly a beautiful lifestyle that would benefit culture, health, community, economy, etc., worldwide!

    a very happy world environment day to you! 🙂


  2. June 6, 2008 9:35 am

    Dear Brunei Lifestyle
    Well done with your post on the world environment day.
    you present a good list of suggestions
    we need more people like you to spread the word.
    All the best
    for the Panaga Natural History Society

  3. Ramble On permalink
    June 11, 2008 12:43 pm

    To you too kaiseekstheson… and to Hans; thank you. I feel good if each and everyone of us can do a bit to save our planet. Btw, the Panaga link that you put up didnt work. I want to know what your club is doing 🙂

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