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Hooking your audience

May 29, 2008

I was impressed with RTB’s new headquarters at Sungai Akar (forget the nearby dumping site). Such a high-tech structure both on its outer and inner building. Sections will start to move this August as reported by the media but did not mention on what’s going to happen to the current building in Bandar.

Anyway, I have put up an earlier post on RTB when the station changed its format for its two channels. RTB will always be in my heart. Just a bit sad that this national Tv station of ours is really in dire need to compete for audience. I know the producers there have been working hard to produce quality materials but who’s watching?

While ‘accidentally’ clicking the remote, my family and I were impressed to watch an RTB programme the other evening on the making of a remote-control speed boat by a local. Not only the younger children were astonished but we, the adults as well. We could not believe that a Bruneian could also produce such a beautifully-made remote-control speed boats with such creativity. My older brother commented that we should watch RTB so we know what’s happening in Brunei. That was when we started to argue that RTB should do more to ‘market’ its programme.

The best Tv programme as far as I can remember is ‘Brunei Siuk’ with its ever-witty presenter, Mahathir. Am sure all Bruneians love it.

I hope RTB would focus its strategy to be customer-based, maybe they have done that through their Commercial Section but I think its insufficient. Recruit more graduates with marketing or the right skills and offer the best package and I am sure people would stay on and get motivated.

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  1. May 29, 2008 3:53 pm

    I was also wondering why RTB International don’t subscribe under Astro’s Flagship. That way, we don’t need antennas at all to watch RTB and best of all, RTB will seriously catch international clientele thus increasing significantly their audience and ratings

  2. mahathir permalink
    June 8, 2009 4:08 pm

    Hi, this is mahathir. accidentally came here. hehe.. thanks for the kind words and since i am not working with rtb, i agree with what you said about ‘MORE’ coming from rtb. whether its collaboration with astro or having more young creative bloods with more engaging localized products. Its unfortunate what is happening. So sad right? Heard that RTB is rolling out setup box, more like astro boxes..hmm..i need to change my extension to accomodate the additional power.:*p.

  3. Brunei Lifestyler permalink
    June 10, 2009 3:18 am

    Oh. Salam Mahathir. Where have you been? Whats happening with Brunei Siuk? Setup box like Astro? Oh, they should improve their programmes first before investing on THE box. If they do, hope there are no repeats…am reconsidering to unsubscribe to Astro as it has too many repeats. And thanks for dropping by 😉

  4. Mahathir permalink
    November 13, 2009 9:06 am

    W’salam. Mahathir agaian. Well, for a year, I was seconded to Singapore working from 2008-2009. So many thought I quit or even worse I heard that I was caught dealing drugs in China, Chile and the latest is Australia..haha..never been to Australia :-). Anyway, I heard that the gossip got so hot that it was talked about in the palace..i dont know lah..most important that its not true. I didnt quit RTB and unfortunately RTB quit on me. Anyway, with regards to Brunei Siuk, a person wanted to change the presenter and make a new format of Brunei siuk. I told the producer that if you wanna change and develop Brunei Siuk, why fix if its not broken? u might as well make a new programme. As usual, the person didnt care..typical. I agree that the setup box is merely a means to an end. It is not the best solution for the present problem which is content development. Around the world, broadcasting stations focused on the research and development of audience-centric programmes, not just broadcasting technology. I wish ppl in rtb hear you about u wanting to subscribe to rtb setup boxes if they dont repeat programmes. i doubt it in a way. if it were to run 24/7. the cost of airing programmes (foreign esp) ensues repeats. Like Astro. Well..i will be disconnecting my astro soon, i only watch either movies or discovery channels; science, travel etc. I always thought that Malaysia has this thing about cultural invasion. Thats why astro didnt work in indonesia and indonesia was smart to include their own programming in astro like awani, aruna. indonesia said that if astro wanted to come to indonesia, indon must have some channels so that malaysia doesnt conquer all. How about Brunei? are we too late to do that? or merely..hmm..letting it be? its actually our choice. 🙂

  5. Eva Wanda permalink
    November 19, 2009 12:13 pm

    Hey Mahathir. Yes I heard that too and they are all rumours. Thanks for the clarification. I am so relief because it doesnt make sense that youre involve in such things.

    Its really sad re: Brunei Siuk. As you said, why fix it when it aint broken. And yes, go and make a new programme altogether.

    I am also rethinking about Astro. I mean, we have YouTube and Twitter now. I wake up and go online and NOT switch on the Tv. Hmmm…

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