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$202m = improved transport system

May 27, 2008

I am still thinking of that Br$202m. Why? It’s a lot of money. I wonder if it has got to do with the number of cars on Brunei roads? The Land Transport Department said in its website that 16,165 new vehicles were registered last year. I was making my own calculations based on the number of newly registered vehicles. Say that the life span for a vehicle is ten years, so the number of vehicles on Brunei roads now is at 126,689 and this is excluding those new cars registered for the first five months this year.

The idea of reducing oil subsidy was mooted earlier this year when the Energy Minister said that the reduction of oil subsidies is being considered. Different reactions ensued from members of the public on this with many who disagreed but the fact remains that we have to let go off the subsidy one day.

I am sure Bruneians are creative in coming up with a solution. I was thinking (as with others before me) ways to improve the public transportation. Yes, decades long issue but if that Br$202m is use for this purpose?

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