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May 26, 2008

Gone were the days when there would be a ‘gotong-royong’ or working together, extending hands for a Malay wedding (bad) even if the host is not related to you but are just neighbours. Almost gone would be erected tents in your garden and your neighbour’s and this means no more hot and sweaty wedding to go to (good). Business would be good as well as Bruneians love weddings and there is no week of the month without a wedding invitation. And the sad thing would be you would be inviting less people as you tried to limit the number of guests to fit in the wedding venue (bad).

You don’t have to think about the mess after the wedding (good) but you may be wasting food where there would be left-overs (bad) and Islam forbids wastage. You would be spending more on the decorations (good for the bride and groom) and you would be spending less on invitation cards as you have limited guests (good and bad).

Yes I am talking about the trend of Malay wedding at the moment – holding your wedding at a public venue and not your own home. Only yesterday I attended one, which was for a close relative, held at one of the popular wedding venues among Bruneians now.

As I was sitting next to the grandma of the bride yesterday, making conversation with the old but witty lady, she said something that struck me. She asked, ‘Does anyone hold wedding at their homes nowadays?’ I tried to answer politely by saying that there are others who still do but this is the trend, referring to the wedding venue. She quickly quipped ‘Ah, the change of time and I should adapt myself with the change!’

As long as you can afford to pay for a wedding venue, why not isn’t it? The most popular is no doubt, the Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong and I heard that you have to book for a year in advance! Wow. Another popular choice for a well-to-do is the JP Polo Club in Jerudong but this is also popular with other corporate functions so I guess, book a year in advance too. The pressure of marriage preparations, and this is just one of them.

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