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Reaching for your dream – a prologue

May 15, 2008

I thought of composing a poem, just like what I used to do during my school days. But just now, I kept deleting the words, the whole poem in fact. My prose has not been brushed up for a while and I don’t blame my brain for not being able to come up with a masterpiece (chewwaahhh!).

Anyway, I was about to compose a poem to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment about so many things, about life. But I know as a Muslim, we should be reda or willing whole-heartedly and accept things as they are; as that was how it was meant to be.

Don’t tell me I didn’t make an effort, I did, as always and most of the time, having to sacrifice my time (and my family’s) and not forgetting money. Now I have exhausted all my energy and the result? Fruitless.

But giving-up is not in my dictionary, unless I really feel that deep inside my heart that’s it, then thats it. Till then, I will try and try and keep on trying. Tonight I will seek guidance again from up above. I know my prayers would be answered. Tomorrow the sun would still shine and I look forward to tomorrow. Insya Allah.

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