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Conserve energy please

May 13, 2008

Moving together towards energy efficiency and conservation

Come Saturday, May 24 2008 and it will be Brunei’s half-day energy-conservation marathon. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Bruneians have been urged by the Energy Division to take part in the ‘e-Saving’ drive simply by turning off unused electrical appliances, use them in moderation and switch to energy-efficient equipments.

Find out more ideas from the Energy Division’s website. [I’m thinking of voting this website as the best Brunei Government website].

The division said that in order to see if the exercise will make a visible dent in the nation’s energy consumption for that day, a live broadcast on Brunei’s News At Ten news would be held to reveal the figures to the public.

According to the International Energy Agency, Brunei is the third highest per capita consumer of electricity in Asia, after Singapore and Japan. The bulk of the energy goes to the domestic and government lighting and power. The rest is used in commerce and industry, and a small portion for street lighting.

I know this is true. Go and check around any buildings and just stay for half an hour and see if your hands would be frozen stiff. An electrical engineer from Malaysia said that Brunei could save at least 50 percent of of its enegry wastage in the next 30 years if we are to start saving now, adding that Denmark and Japan have been successful but they have already started 30 years ago.
So why don’t we make the half-day marathon as a monthly event or weekly event starting now?

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