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Snippets and views on some of today’s Brunei news

May 9, 2008

Happy to note that the Government is introducing a new regulation to control the display of advertisements around the country ‘in the interest of amenities and public safety’. I mean, look at every nook and corner of our roads, you wouldn’t fail to see those H-U-G-E banners, most of them worn-down and faded as they have been there for a l-o-n-g time. Not a good corporate image.

I don’t know if the new regulations would also include on the ‘control’ of the images on the adverts as some, should I say, do portray ‘sensual’ and ‘provocative’ images of, mostly ladies with long legs and alluring smiles.

Another good news on the front page of Brunei Times was the interest of three foreign investors to locate their projects at the Sungai Liang Industry Park or SPARK though its now at an initial phase of getting the approval. I agree with the Acting CEO’s of Spark, Abdul Aziz who said that these investors need to provide the environmental impact assessments. Just one thought that sprang in my mind, hope it won’t take that long for these projects to kick off, if they do pass the assessments.

Phone scams? Yes, fraudsters really know how to use the technology. According to the police, 15 cases have been reported in the past two weeks where victims have fallen for the scam. The modus operandi was that these callers would claimed to be someone from the authority like the High Court judge office, overseas courts, police etc and needed the victims to reveal their full names, identity cards and credit cards number. My, how could people fall for this? Never ever reveal your personal information to anyone who claim who they are.

On the worker’s rights, the Home Affairs Minister who is now in Bangkok for the Asean Labour Meeting, said that a new Employment order, replacing the Labour Act will among them, safeguard employees’ rights.

Three traditional medicines sold to the public are adulterated with poisons. One of them is traditionally used for general health and well-being of men. What does that tell you? Please just eat fresh fruits and veggies and keep a healthy lifestyle and I am sure you wouldn’t need such supplements.

SMARTER is getting the attention now. They received a newly built extension of its playground at its Centre, thanks to the Royal Brunei Armed Forces.

The Editorial in Brunei Times discussed ways to promote cycling in Brunei. I think the issues on pollution, obesity and high number of cars in Brunei far out-weighed the problem of creating a cycling lane.


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  1. May 10, 2008 12:28 am

    Somehow, that cycling bit, that’s a laugh. Believe me, it won’t happen. Unless one day, the price of cars and fuel sky rocketed.. maybe… But of course, I’m thinking negatively. But it is a good idea, agreed, but to make that to take off into reality, fuh, you’d need a really really good …. something… – Apakan? haha…

    Trade my fully air conditioned car to a bicycle… erm nope. Panas… One would not only have to tackle behaviors of Bruneians, but also attitudes… we’re way too spoiled… (and that includes me!)

  2. Ramble On permalink
    May 12, 2008 12:00 pm

    Cycling in Brunei? Its doable Kellaz, trust me. Yes, change of mindset first. So lets campaign. Perhaps, our Bruneian friend in Holland could help in with the pre-liminary advise?

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