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War of broadbands

May 2, 2008

I must agree with AnakBrunei, this battle of the broadband service is a healthy competition and who would win – you guess it. I don’t normally put my negative thoughts here in my blog but this broadband service is interesting enough I think.

As reported in major local dailies (ehem – you can count in one hand actually), DST launched its broadband service yesterday and is now offering a free upgrade to all of its Prima and Easi subscribers.

So, as you can expect, people thronged DST counters yesterday afternoon, took their queue tickets and waited…and waited…waited..until a lady announced: ‘that’s it people, that’s all we can do today.’

The waiting was painful but the announcement was far crueler. I don’t know what have been done actually but I sure knew that I didn’t get that free upgrade yesterday, along with the dozens of people who have queued for hours. But oh well, we got until the end of the month to have the freebie and after that it will be $10 per upgrade. Boy, I felt pressured!

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