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Bunny’s Yummies Pavlova

April 23, 2008

Mmm…the taste of Pavlova from Bunny’s Yummies… We were celebrating my best friend’s birthday over the weekend and ordered this, ermm, how should I describe it? Mouth-watering-make-you-drooling-if-you-stare-long-at-the-picture meringue.


As we were celebrating the birthday at that famous Dim-Sum restaurant in Gadong, curious diners and on-lookers were caught peering at our table, not because of the birthday girl (hehe, you do look beautiful as ever dear) but of the meringue.


In less than half-an-hour, all six of us almost finished it off, just leaving a slice or two ‘for the table’ so as to speak (or type). I tell you, it’s the best, yummiest, tastiest and the best (did I say that already?) meringue I have ever tasted in my life.


My other friend who ordered it introduced us to the creator, it’s the famous Bunny’s Yummies. Local orders are accepted, so sorry for those outside Brunei – maybe Bunny would consider world-wide distribution. Will contact her a-s-a-p to order meringue – just for myself! Haha! Be pre-warned – this Pavlova is Bunny’s hot selling dessert.


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