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Thank God its Friday

April 11, 2008

I seek forgiveness from Allah and there is no God but Allah who stand on His own and I seek remorse from Him. This is the prayer for Friday morning from the Ministry of Religious Affairs site.

It’s Friday today. For Muslims, Friday is the holiest day of the week. Muslims believed that Friday was the day the Earth was created and the Dooms Day would also be on a Friday. Prophet Adam (a.s.) and his wife, Hawa, were married on a Friday; they both ate the forbidden Fruit on Friday (hence left heaven on Friday) and on Earth, they met at what is now the Arafah plains (part of the Muslims pilgirmage rituals) also on a Friday. [Side comment: I remember my late grandma said that the elders believed that for those who are doing their pilgrimage, they can perform a sembahyang hajat or a special prayer and wish for an everlasting marriage while at the Arafah plains – Insya Allah].

Those who passed away on Thursday evening or on Friday itself would be sparred from the pain in the LifeAfter. Its also a kind of a good sign for the departed. [Any comment here?]

This is similar to the Sabath day for the Jews. The Christians also has a special Friday called Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified and celebrated before the Easter [I don’t know why you are celebrating]; whilst the Americans have this ‘holiday’ called Black Friday which is a day after Thanksgiving. Actually this marks the start of the traditional Christmas shopping.

Friday the 13th could also be considered as unlucky for some supersitious people, along with other ‘bad’ signs. I don’t really beieve in any of this. Numbers are just numbers and days are just days, yes?

Traditionally for most Bruneians, the start of Friday would mean visiting the graveyard though not on a weekly basis. More visits and respects are usually expected during the fasting month of Ramadhan or on the anniversary of the deceased’s death. For myself, after a visit to my late father’s grave, I would definetely buy stuff at the Tamu (this is something like a workflow for me, come to think about it).

The other traditional good deed to do during Friday is to give sedekah to the poor or anyone basically, as long as your intention is sincere – because of God. I remember when I was small, my mom, my late anty and late grandma would be sending round food to the neighbourhood on a Friday morning. There would be all sort of Malay kueh or delicacies such as calak lambai, penyiaram, cakoi, bingka, putri mandi, so many I couldn’t remember all. Being the active one, I would usually volunteered myself to send around these goodies and believe it or not, just in my seluar katak, a kind of Brunei’s own version of a girl’s panty. If there is any picture of me in THAT panty, I would surely burn it down – how embarassing – but I was little then. Those were the (carefree) days and paedophiles were unknown (maybe the word was not even created yet)

For those (in Brunei) who would like to do your bit to the community and you have loads of clothings or whatever useful items that could give (no matter how old but preferably still in good condition), please send them to the SMARTER Shop at the Wisma Jaya in Bandar. Proceeds from the shop would be used for the SMARTER Association – the NGO for children with autism. Even if you don’t have anything to give, you buy any items at the shop – they are really good bargain.Ranoadidas has more details.

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