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GROE environment challenge results

April 5, 2008

I wanted to post this yesterday when I read the e-mail  alert but didn’t have the chance, so here goes. 


Yes, I knew it.  Brunei won! And it’s USD500,000 at that. Brunei is also the top country in South East Asia that generated the most pledges for the Greatest Race on Earth, the race for a living planet.


After the environment challenge pledge was closed, a total of 3.4million pledges were made. An update on the equation of the pledges:


·        7,973,381,200 litres of water – the same as 3,189 Olympic size swimming pools;

·        119,514 tonnes of CO2 which equates to filling 2,517 times the Sydney Opera House;

·        69,767,568 plastic bags saved from being sent to landfill; and

·        378,311 trees saved from being cut down.


So now, I eagerly wait on how the money would be spent. And, don’t forget to live up to the pledges you made.

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