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Brunei’s National Service

April 4, 2008

Been away from home for some time now and a quick look at Brudirect online news tells one article on Brunei’s National Service which attract me.

Brunei would be launching it’s own National Service, though the article didn’t say when. Interesting to see how this programme would be able to produce ‘useful’ youths in the near future. I wonder which modals from around the world would Brunei’s programme be based on. The main core values such as moral and faith should be incorporated as well and I am sure that the government is aware on these.

Brunei has a large young population base. The Brunei Economic Development Board says that in 2006, 54% of the population were in the 20 to 54 age group while those below 19 accounted for 27%.  In five years time, Brunei would be seeing more young people in the country.

I was discussing with my friends on how the young people of today are aware of their identities and goals in life. I was happy to hear that they talked about on what they would do with their lives and most importantly, how they are going to achieve their dreams. They know what they were talking about.

I hope the National Service programme would be able to mould the youth into useful citizens so the country would be able to utilise their high-charge energy into practical use. The younger generation need guidance (and I hope they listen) and the ‘older’ generation should let them make the decision based on the guidance. And trust them.

I am making this point as read through that online news where it quoted that the Minister of Home Affairs noted that youths with academic qualifications are not a member of their respective reps. I agree that youth should be involved as it affect the community and the country as a whole. They could contribute ideas and energy for the welfare of their own community.

On the other side, I also agree that these youths might not wish to be involved due to attitude. This could be their attutide – let the elders do the thinking and all the work – OR, the elder’s attitude – the youngs are inexperienced and they don’t know anything. Hmm… Everyone should be involved and responsible, for the benefit of the community, even children.  

Other issues mentioned and what I thought:

– micro-modal facility which remains the biggest hurdle for would-be entreprenuers;

– only 220 out of the 20,000 youths (that’s only 1%) turned at the Youth Congress. This is a serious issue and relevant authorities should look into this;

–  efforts to find out what youths want. Easy – have people heard of feedback or survey?

–  huge allocation and the Youth Development Centre – make full use of the resources and more marketable courses please? I heard that none of the students who attended a brick-laying course got a job as, err, brick-layers. Understandable.

– building cultral hall? Now, I am not sure if that would stop our youth from getting involve in useless activities but yes, make it happening.

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