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Mirror mirror! Who is the fairest of them all?

March 28, 2008

When I was in Tokyo on business, I took time to do some shopping though I have warned myself how expensive items are compared to home. As skincare products interest me, I was amazed and later rambang mata or perplexed at the countless brands being displayed, from the cheap ones ( at the 100 Yen Shop) to the expensive brands. I let myself be tried on the expensive ones and later were given those miniature sizes or try-ons – boy, I sound cheesy…hehe.

Anyway, if anyone do notice, Japanese women are obsessed with whitening products and I am sure Bruneians are too. Sometimes I wonder, if you are born with fair skin, why would you need such products?

A friend, whose wife is Caucasian, told me of an incident when they both first arrived in Tokyo for his posting. The wife forgot to bring her moisturiser and as it was cold at that time, she desperately needed one. Over the counter, she was shown to an array of moisturisers, and yes you guessed it, all for whitening. Does she need any?

One of the main ingredients in whitening products is Kojic acid, so I was told. The acid is a natural substance produced during the making of rice wine, soya sauce and miso. Kojic acid is believed to help prevent pigmentation, even when exposed to UV rays.

The hoo-ha in Tokyo at the moment is that this Kojic acid has caused doubts among the consumers not for its cosmetics benefits but it’s safety as food additive. However Japan’s Health Ministry, known for its strict procedures and standards has given the assurance that the acid is safe.

Anyway, a read in the Female Magazine reveals six types of food you can consume for that clearer skin (and less hole in your pocket):

Wholemeal bread and cereals – rich in selenium, a mineral that reduces sun damage.
Low-fat diary products –
like yoghurt – loads of Vitamin A
Strawberries, blueberries and plums – super anti-oxidants that starve off premature ageing and reduce sun damage, so skin stays spot-free for a longer time.
Walnuts –
high in essential fatty acids, needed to keep cells healthy, and skins plumper with less fine lines – so go nuts!Green tea – has polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory power to protect cells.
Water –
my fav – brings nutrients the skin needs and flushes out toxins, leaving skin radiant.

When things are working well on the inside, the effects will show on the outside!

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