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Your words are like lyrics to my song – literally

March 15, 2008

While doing my research about sand, I came across a lyric from a song ‘Istana Pasir’ or sand castle by the Malaysian band, Alleycats. Basically the song tells of a couple who is in love. The couple sees some children building sand castle and hope that their love would not face the fate of the sand castle as the tide moves in. Symbolic isn’t it. I know that song as I have heard it when I was small and my elder brothers would play it in the cassette player….those were the days.

Now what interest me is the difference between today’s lyrics and those from yesteryears or many years before. Please let me share one experience I had with my teenage girl recently on lyrics.

While driving, my girl turned on the radio and quickly turned it off. As I was concentrating on my driving, I didn’t know what was on and so I asked her:

Me: Girl, what was that?
My girl: Gee mom, that’s embarrassing?
Me: What was?
My girl: That song in the radio
I turn it on and found a rap song by some western artist then turn it off quickly as surely that song was disturbing my girl.
Me: So….what was that all about?
My girl: I couldn’t believe the local radio station is playing THAT song?
Me: Sorry girl, you have to explain to your old mom here.
My girl: That song has vulgar words.
Me (a bit taken aback as my girl knows what vulgar is): Oh, I see. I’m glad you know what vulgarity is but where did you learn to know that song has such words?
My girl: From my friends at school. We all like the song but when we were searching for the lyrics, we couldn’t believe the words.
Me: So you don’t like that song now?
My girl: I don’t know. Its embarrassing I think.
Me (smiling and saying to myself, that’s my girl)

The world has really changed. When I was a teenager myself, my late father (God bless his soul) reminded me not to listen to ‘useless’ songs or do useless activities for that matter, as my interest in music grew.

My time? During my time it was the New Wave music with Spandau Ballet and Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Relax…don’t do it) I was really naïve that I didn’t’ really understand a word they sang back then. Now I laugh!

Anyway, I am glad that young people now know what life is meant to be; like they know where they are heading to and even have a plan for their future. Somehow, there are those who are unfortunate…

Another point is that local radio station. Whatever happen to censorship? Why aren’t songs or dramas get censored? C’mmon Censorship Board, don’t just cut here and there in a movie that in the end the whole programme doesn’t make sense at all.

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