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The Chicken story

March 14, 2008


I was on the look out for chicken meat yesterday as it’s been awhile that I haven’t cook the meat. The last chicken meal my family had was, maybe last two weeks or so. So, I went to the usual department store that I normally go for my grocery shopping as (i) it’s nearby and (ii) it always have fresh poultry stock, even halal duck (not to my fancy though).

Good, I found fresh headless chicken lying sexy on the counter. Luckily they didn’t scream, ‘pick me, pick me!’ otherwise I would be having a hard time to pick which one. Hubby would always say, ‘just pick any as they are all the same’. Not really. I always pick one with the biggest thigh and no neck please if possible.

Bruneians, or maybe its just the Malays, believe that if a bachelor eat the chicken’s neck, his head would lean to one side on his wedding day. Not good for the wedding album there. I find that myth funny and I am yet to find someone who actually do and would ask him if he really love eating chicken’s neck before he got married.

Anyway necks aside, after the chicken trip, we went to another nearby store and guess what I found? The nearby store was selling fresh chicken at Br$3.90 per kilogram. I felt cheated as I just bought mine at Br$4.90 for a kilo and this second shop had fresher meat. The seller claimed that they just got the chicken meat that morning (I believe him as I can always tell a fresh meat or not) and that, they have always been selling at that price. Now where have I been, missing this important information for a consumer like me?

Just find it strange that prices differ like a dollar when the location is within the same area. I found out from the Agriculture Department here, it says that the average retail price for a whole chicken is Br$ 4.11 per kilogram. So I was not that ripped off actually, I just have to look around for a cheaper one but at $3.90 is very cheap indeed. I am aware that cheap doesn’t mean good as we should look into the hygienic issue and for Muslim, it’s halalness . I guess when a food is halal it is already hygienic, yes?

Well, time to search for a healthy chicken recipe now.

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