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OIC Summit

March 12, 2008

I look forward to the OIC Summit which takes place tomorrow in Senegal. Global summits like this interest me.

OIC is the organisation of the Islamic Organisation, an inter-governmental organization grouping fifty-six Islamic states. Brunei has been a member as soon as the country reached its independence in 1984. One of the main agendas this year will be the issues of Islamophobia, a term coined in the 80’s and more usage after the 9/11; as a discrimination or prejudice against Islam or Muslims.

The other issue is the Islamic anti-poverty fund where the Islamic Development Bank hopes the summit can swell its anti-poverty fund for Africa, channelling wealth from Muslim oil producers to the world’s poorest continent.

On Brunei’s own poverty issue, I found more information on it based on the press reports today from the LegCo session. It says that there have been research made to define what is the poverty line in Brunei but sadly, results were inconclusive. Poverty Fund could be available when the relevant authority requested for a budget from the Ministry of Finance.

So, we all have seen and will be seeing more talk the talks, both locally and abroad. Hopefully, no matter how big or small a group is, it can make a significant change to our daily lives and make this world a safer and more peaceful place to live in. Amin.

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