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The Race For the Living Planet – make your move now

March 10, 2008

Yes! Brunei is still in the lead! Thailand came in second and followed by Taiwan. In fact, four of the top ten are from ASEAN. Go ASEAN!

Check the full list here.

It is not too late to make your environmental pledge by clicking here NOW! Tell your family and friends as well but hurry, as the closing date is next Monday, the 17th.

To date, 3,310,015,640 litres of water; 49,766 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2 ); 28,718,040 plastic bags saved from being sent to landfill and 155,186 trees saved from being cut down have had been pledged in the website as of today when I checked it.

I am also happy to note that the local press has been publishing the environmental pledges articles in the past weeks, very recently with the pledges led by Brunei’s Heart of Borneo champion, Dato Hamdillah. Read the article here.

I had previously mentioned about this environmental pledge in my blog last January and December last year. [Check them out here and here]

Now what benefit would it bring if Brunei win, some asked? Well, let me re-capped what I have posted previously. Standard Chartered Bank and the World Wild Life Fund (WWF) have initiated an environment project called the Race for a Living Planet. It is an initiative to conserve the environment and individuals like you and me, can make a difference to world we live in.

Every pledge made will make a difference to the environment and could benefit your selected country. Standard Chartered, working in partnership with WWF, will donate USD1 million to support vital environmental conservation projects which will benefit the three nations that generate the most pledges per capita by 17 March 2008*.

* Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division

Make up to eight pledges from the site then select the country of your choice from the list (Brunei is included). Standard Chartered will donate USD 1 million to support vital environmental projects which will benefit the three nations that receive the most pledges per capita. If Brunei do win (amin), I would be the happiest soul in the w.w.w. (whole wide world).

Of interest, read a related story here on the Heart of Borneo (HoB). The British High Commission has sponsored HoB packs and booklets to be distributed to all secondary schools in the country. Nice!

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