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Booze-free hotels

March 5, 2008

Who would like to invest or own shares to the world’s booze-free hotel chain? I would!

Read this report here where a Dubai-based entrepreneur has planned to build 90 hotels around the world that do not serve alcohol and serves halal meat though the total cost is around the region of $2 billion.

Institutional investors and HNWIs (pronounced as ‘Hanweeys’ by bankers i.e. High Net-Worth Individuals) would be invited come May at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference.

I agree with the report saying that “The Muslim traveller market is growing around the world due to increasing wealth combined with conscious lifestyle living and represents 10% of the world tourism market – one of the fastest growing segments,”

While in KL for a vacation, I saw a coach loaded with Arabian travellers. Mind you, behind those black veils are rich people who would love to spend. Businesses take note on this.

That idea of opening booze-free hotel would be very good news for Muslims. At least we are confident that the earnings are all halal.

I have heard and even been invited to invest money, mostly on online. These ‘invitees’ do have proof that they have earned so much and yes, lost so much too but I wasn’t confident enough on where the money was invested. It could be to a casino, a bar with strippers, you go on with your imaginations there.

Anyway I have taught of such hotels awhile ago and viola! here it is. Hmm….maybe I should next think on how to make our lives much better, in this world and the worldafter.

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