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LegCo in session

March 4, 2008

The BND70million LegCo building sitting on top of a 26-acre site in Jalan Kebangsaan in the capital.
Today is the start of the Legislative Council session as well as the official opening of the council’s massive building.

This is the time when bills are passed and issues resolved and (hopefully) questions answered, in short, where the national development agenda is set. The Brunei Times today reported that:

‘Having demonstrated its significance in bringing together the demand from the public and the government’s policies, the council has seen fruitful results from its meetings over the years.’

So what does the session for a Bruneian like me? Personally, I and other fellow Bruneians would expect a change for the better in life – from the smallest issues – no potholes in my village or widening of the kampong’s road to complex issues like programmes for youth development, strengthening their aqidah or faith; to economy, education and infrastructure; all to make our lives in this Abode of peace much better. The best thing is we can voice out our concerns and share ideas through our respective selected reps.

I look forward to see the televised session on RTB (this is the time to watch RTB) and see what’s new in this year’s debates.

For those who would like to know more about LegCo, please click here from Mr Brunei Resources himself. In his post, among others, he commented about the picture which he liked on the new LegCo building. I saw that picture published in the Borneo Bulletin last Tuesday.

I was also searching for more information on the LegCo and this website doesn’t help much.

LegCo emblem

Of interest, those who are wondering what is the council’s emblem all about:

The emblem of the Department of Councils of State of the Prime Minister’s Office is consistent with the Malay Muslim Monarchy National philosophy, where the source of justice and prosperity of the State comes from the cooperation of the Government and the people under the reign of the Sultan who rules with the guidance of Allah to Whom be praised and Whose name be exalted. There you go.

Source: Department of Council of States

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  1. September 14, 2011 4:19 am

    You really make it appear simple to learn all of this material. Thank you for outstanding info. Where did you discover all of this?


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