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Going green – without envy

March 3, 2008

Today is Monday, the start of the week and also the start of the working day for this month. I decided that as from today, I would start my morning walk which I did this morning.

The weather has been very pleasant for the past week. As I was enjoying my morning walk, I couldn’t help breathing the gas emitted by the many vehicles using the same route as I was for my walk. At one stage, I was coughing.

So many vehicles zipping by including that of a construction truck, two full-loaded purple buses, a host of pick-ups with construction workers overflowing from their back passenger’s seats and of course, lines and lines of sedan and family cars. All and all, I counted more than fifty vehicles passing me by in about half-an hour, mostly in the direction of Bandar.

I couldn’t believe with what I saw; most of the cars passing by have just one occupant, i.e. the driver. I thought that maybe these are parents who have dropped their children to school. I just wish that there is a system whereby these parents or whoever are interested in, would leave their vehicles behind in one area, maybe Kiarong or Kiulap and hop in to one dedicated vehicle, like a bus, which would take them to the one similar destination they are going to.

I thought of London and Singapore as I was toying this idea in between my walk and breathing pollution. London has introduced the Congestion Charge since 2003 and the ultra-sophisticated Singapore, has theirs since 1975! (London was actually copying Singapore) Other cities like New York are also thinking of introducing similar plans though at debating stage.

Brunei’s Ministry of Communications has recently announced that they would also introduce such system if traffic congestion worsens.

Read the Brunei Times report on this here.

I am sure there would be less traffic if we have such charging system but it should be now before the traffic actually worsens. After all ‘prevention is better than curing’.

Read also on this interesting topic on how UK businesses can exploit new climate-friendly technology. I hope Bruneians to take note of this article. Must read!

I will write more on going green for Brunei.

So, on my morning walk, I will still continue as much as I can but definitely with a different route where there are lots of trees (for that oxygen therapy) and chirping, hopping birds (for that serenity) and no traffic (ok, maybe Tasek Lama).

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