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Pampering my body

February 28, 2008

I desperately need a massage a.s.a.p. I know I need one as my body is aching at the moment. That Dr Tron therapy I am under-going at the moment could be the culprit but I have been pre-warned on it’s side effect. More illness, lethargy and sleepiness would be experienced and the trick is to continue with the therapy. I will write more on Dr Tron as I have more information now.

Sometimes I wonder if we need to for isn’t that one of the tricks of the business? (My mom would disagree on these as she would say, Jangan buruk sangka or don’t think negative). It’s just that sometimes these businesses would say that you must come over and over again or continue with the medication and that we should only buy from them so they have a steady cash flow.

Anyway, have to book for an appointment soon. Appointments needed even with that well-known old woman at Berakas. My, she is always ever busy with her clients. Call her and don’t ever text her for she can’t read. She said if her grand-children are nearby, they would read that for her but usually, she is with her customers, like 12/7. Once or twice, I just ‘walk-in’ and though she accepted that mode, she discouraged me to do that. She is in very high demand and because of that I want to skip her this time. I don’t want her to massage me in a zip of time and rush off for her next client. I need a relaxing massage…uhhhh…if I can’t get an appointment, a self-reflexology will do for now.

Check this great reflexologist site.

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