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My dear RTB

February 24, 2008

I noticed that RTB news have change in format as of yesterday. Last night I was watching it’s Malay news. New background with revolving globe and scrolling brief news at the bottom screen. The station’s first weather girl also came on air (with tudong of course). I also noticed there were more news last night.

Hmmm… lets see. When did RTB start? 1975; and it was the first full color station in the region. Fast forward I don’t see why people want to watch it apart from the local news. Agree? I may sound harsh but sorry, this is the truth. Viewers have choice, the Malaysian’s ASTRO and the Indonesian satellite channels and I am sure RTB’s management is aware of this competition.

For the news, I agree that any Bruneian would like to watch the local news but that’s it. I enjoy watching reports with the journalists doing their ‘piece to cam’. I must say, the standard of journalism has increased over the years. I wish to see more issues to be reported though I do understand that these journalists are Government servants. I hope all local journalists would have the certified training, the least would be at diploma level.  

Now I am not sure if introducing the weather girl is a good ideas as it’s so out-dated. Interactive satellite images would be better in this age of ICT. I hope RTB would take my criticisms positively, else I wouldn’t care putting it here in my blog.   


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