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Brunei day today

February 23, 2008

Hats off to the organizing committee of the 24th National Day today and to the 17,000 participants. The fruit of their labor. Interesting. I hope to see more creativity in the performance next year please; different props maybe rather than the usual fans (which look like leafy veggies to me) and umbrellas.

I was watching the celebration live on Tv. I know its not the same feeling when you are watching events right in front of your very eyes. The air is not the same but today, I just couldn’t.

Anyway, I leave the pictures of the celebration to the professionals. I saw Reeda a.k.a. Anak Brunei with other photographers caught on the Tv camera so I recommend you guys to check superb pictures he took at his blog here.

I think the real finale was when His Majesty came unexpectedly to meet the young field performers. That was nice of His Majesty to do that. He was supposed to leave the ceremony but he passed his vehicle and went to the performers’ direction instead.

Arent the children so cute? I could see some of the caps’ sizes were too big for their small heads though. Awwww…… The Tv commentator said this was the first time primary students were involved in the 24 years history of the national day celebrations in line with the theme, Tunas Bangsa or the nation’s young. All through the years, secondary students were involved.

Ok so those residing in Brunei, tonight there will be a firework display at the Empire to celebrate the National Day and another one at the Pusar Ulak area. It’s not very often we see firework during National Day celebrations. So thanks to the sponsors of the firework.

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