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Picking a university

February 20, 2008

Looking for a place to study can be daunting I agree (been there done that). It’s not like picking up the freshest fish in the market or the juiciest fruits at the stall or buying smoked salmon at the pasar malam.

You should consider the quality of education and your personal goal. Forget the weather. In this age of global warming I am not surprise if we would one day be able to experience sleet in Brunei. Anyway, more questions you should ask – Should you study locally? Overseas? What should you study? Finance? Scholarships? Can you work while you study? Visa? Those with families surely have more questions – your family, your amah or no amah? Luckily we have guides to give us options or alternative and counselling from our beloved career teachers. Then there are education fairs to attend to. Don’t be shy to ask questions, there are never stupid questions.

For those who would like to consider the UK as a destination, there’s the local British Council office at Yayasan who offer free counselling. Check the British Council website.

The Times Good University Guide, UK’s leading guide to higher education, ranks 113 UK universities according to eight criteria, including student satisfaction, research quality and degree results. I know this guide is also use by our Scholarships Unit at the Ministry of Education to assist them in awarding scholarships to applicants.

Click here to check the University Ranking Table. You can even compare two or more universities.

Here to see how the tables work to make the most of the guide.

For Australia, I managed to get this link from the Australian High Commission website.

For the US, please ask the US Embassy in Bandar.

Good luck with your studies!

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