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Helpless babies

February 20, 2008

It’s just very sad to hear another baby being dumped. This time, in a plastic bag and left lying around on the ground in Madang. According to news report, a stall owner noticed a bag near the stall yesterday morning. Thinking it was either rubbish or someone has left their belongings, he ignored it until a couple of hours later when curiosity hit him.

The man decided to have a look at what’s inside. To the man’s horror, he found a motionless baby with hair and clear complexion. He quickly alerted his village head who later informed the police.

The area was cordoned off by the police when the police was checking on the body. They confirmed it was a baby boy. I watched the news last night and could see that the body was still in it’s curling position. As far as I know, only babies still in their mothers’ womb would be in that position? Please correct me here.

This fresh finding of dumped babies would surely stir the public’s concern on who would have been so heartless to do such a hideous crime? What would be the government’s action on this? How can we, as in the community, help to curb infanticides and other crimes to occur? Maybe it is time to install CCTV cameras in all corners of public places not only to stop infanticide but other crime as well. (Note: please do not install your camera in the public washrooms!)

In the UK last year, mothers were urged to drop their unwanted babies in hatches at hospitals though this has been argued that such act would encourage more baby dumping.

Read more here from the Times online.

Well, something must be done about infanticide and the time is now.

P/s. I was still upset and disturbed after watching the news last night that I had problems sleeping. (Lesson learn: don’t watch the Tv news near sleeping time).

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  1. Mother of 2 permalink
    February 21, 2008 2:02 pm

    As a mother, my heart goes to the baby. What were these mothers thinking when they just threw their babies away? Hope they would be punished.


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