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Me, myself and I

February 18, 2008

[I thought I have published this last night a.k.a. Sunday evening and obviously did not]

I don’t want to bore you with my personal life but this week has been hectic for me, literally (and strangely managed some time to post here). Lets start with just today, Sunday.

Sunday to me is just like any other day in the week, i.e. waking up very early as if I have to do one thousand and one errands. One of my greatest wish for a perfect Sunday is to stay in bed all day long, still wearing my nighties although the sun is already on top of the head, having breakfast+lunch+tea (= bruncht?) in bed of course. But nope, that never ever happen in my entire life.

After watching the 9a.m. Brunei news, I pondered when I would achieve that dream? Maybe when I retire? Which brings me to my next question – when will I retire? Retirement age in Brunei is 55 and some employers would allow up to sixty if you are medically fit.

The thing with me is that I can’t sit still for a minute, as there must be something that I do. My mind would race if I should be doing other things at one particular time. For example, if I watch the news on Tv, I would focus on the news for the first ten minutes usually but after that my mind would wander off either to:

1/ the house – if the kitchen is in order; the garbage bin emptied, if I should iron the clothes or do the laundry, re-arrange the furniture?;

2/ my family – if the girls have done their homework or school projects, how was school that day, if I should buy more interactive books for my baby, google for healthy but definitely quick recipes;

3/ the country – if we would still be exempted from personal income tax until my retirement age, if school would still be free until university level, if it will be really easier to conduct business in five years time from now; when we would see the first Bruneian to be top in fields like sports, space, inventions and the likes (I should start nurturing my off-springs to achieve this then);

4/ the world – when we see real peace in parts of the world, how can I contribute to lessen the burden of people like those in Ethiopia, how can I save the Earth?

5/ the life-after- am I really prepare for it?

Oh my. Hubby said I think too much. See all these thoughts do take a lot of my time and sometimes it drains my energy. And I was just talking that space of time – ten minutes after watching the news.

So, nope, not this Sunday that I long for. I had an aerobic session with my family at Melabau Complex early morning. For those who like dangdut, that Indonesian beat similar to the Indian music, this work-out session is for you. Why not? The instructor was Indonesian and so we ‘gelek’ our hips (Shakira must envy us when we did the drill!) and shook our shoulders, even the men! Next, had a free Step demo by the owner of the nearby fitness studio. I like the studio, though a bit small. It has a contemporary decoration. Love the wallpaper. Will check it out again these few days.

Afternoon, I didn’t plan to go out but my girl was at The Mall with her cousins so had to pick her up. Turned out to be a family outing when everyone wanted to go to The Mall. The Mall was packed with people when we reached it and awashed with red and white balloons. Balloons! My baby loves them. Luckily most of the balloons were high up so we couldn’t grab any of them plus they were so huge. It was HSBC roadshow, no wonder it was red and white. As we rushed to go home as it was almost sunset, we could still hear the emcee announcing winners for this and that. I hope next time HSBC should be sensitive with the azan or the call for prayer. At least stop for five or ten minutes?

Night, after my baby has gone to her wonderful world of baby sleep, I was re-arranging the collection of DVDs in the cabinet. I stumbled across the ‘The Brothers Grimm’ starring Matt Damon and the late Heath Ledger and watch it while still thinking if there is anything better to do than watching the movie! I love the movie by the way.

Oh my, I have been rambling and typing this long and it’s just today? I haven’t talk about the rest of the week. See, life is hectic for me. Gtg!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 19, 2008 12:33 pm

    Super-woman syndrome, thats what you are enduring now. Retire early?

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