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The young and the reckless

February 15, 2008

Lyndsay Lohan
Its good to hear that Lyndsay Lohan had time to reflect on earlier mistakes in life. In the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, it was said that she asked herself, ‘What was I thinking?’.

Read more on this report here.

I don’t have that much concern about Lyndsay as I don’t know her personally but the thing is every time I read about how a young person like Lyndsay and of course, Britney Spears and th likes spend their lives recklessly, I said, sayang or what a waste!

I know I was young before but not to the extent of wrecking your lives. Yes you are rich so you can afford such lifestyle, crashing cars; boozing, drugs and what-have-you but would you think money can buy everything?

Now where is that statistics that I came across where more Brunei students are involved in the mis-use of drug? The point I was trying to prove is that there is an increase of drug abusers in the country (will update it here) as stated in the report from the Narcotics Control Bureau.

The sad thing is that they are students and they are still young; they are our future generation. I can understand the situation that when you are young, you wanted to try everything especially one that is forbidden and illegal. There would be other reasons like peer or family pressure. I hope more awareness would be instilled in these young minds. Family is also important as this is where the root, good or bad, comes from.

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