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St Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2008

14th February is widely known all over the world as a Valentine Day. Valentine cards are the second largest card in quantity send around the world after the Christmas card.

Businesses rack in the day with special offers and promotions. It will be a field day for both business people and the police vice squads alike. Most Islamic countries banned the celebration. Saudi Arabia has ordered florists in the country not to sell any scarlet. Kuwaiti’s MPs have called their government to ban the day as it flout Islamic values and promote immorality.

Brunei through it’s State Mufti’s office has long published its view on the celebration in it’s Irsyad Hukum in February 2000. It started by saying that it’s normal for two people to fall in love and how Valentine’s Day has been associated with a day of love.

Muslims should not celebrate the day as it is a Christians’ celebration. Islam does not forbid Muslims to love as there is a classification of love in Islam – to God, to the Prophet and to all mankind. Young people are encouraged to put more effort to love God and His Prophet as this love is eternal.

Read more here. (Sorry it’s in Malay but I have taken most of its gist up there)

Valentine’s Day has spawned celebrations of love beyond western culture. In Japan and Korea, Valentine’s has become almost an obligation for women to give chocolates, known as giri-choco, to all of their co-workers. A reciprocal day on 14th of March known as White Day has emerged in recent times whereby men are supposed to thank those who remembered them on Valentine’s Day with white chocolate or marshmallows, hence white day. In Korea there is an additional Black Day, held the following month on the 14th of April, for less fortunate men who did not receive gifts on Valentine’s Day to gather together to eat Jajangmyun, Chinese style black noodles topped with a black sauce.

Background info on St Valentine:

For me, everyday is a day for love…mushy mushy.

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  1. February 13, 2009 5:47 pm

    What is it like to be an American in Britain on Valentine’s Day? Well, us American expat women living in Yorkshire are still wondering how to celebrate properly!

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