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Safar – the second month in Islam

February 10, 2008

We are now entering the second month in the Islamic calendar – Safar (صفر) literally means ‘the void month’.

The origin of this word has two theories: the first says that when the pagan Arabs went on their looting expeditions they would leave their houses empty or ‘sifr’ meaning void. The second theory says that the word is derived form the Arabic word for yellow called ‘sufr’: as when it was first named it fell in the time of autumn, hence the derivation the word yellow as all the leaves at that time turned yellow. It is held to be the unluckiest month of the calendar, as in this month Prophet Adam a.s. was turned out of the Garden of Eden.

Among the superstitions of the Malays especially among the elders is that it is not advisable to get married in this month as the couple would be childless. There are also some who believe that by taking the ‘Safar bath’, one will be cleansed away of his or her sins. Of course these are untrue and unfounded.

Source: Pelita Brunei

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  1. March 2, 2008 6:05 pm

    I remember my father talked about this ‘mandi Safar’ ritual when he was young. Some elders still believe that Safar is a bad month. Recently, I over heard a conversation where the old woman told a young man something along the lines of ‘baik tah buat secepat mungkin sebelum bulan Safar’. This was back during Muharam ofcourse.

  2. sayaad permalink
    November 30, 2009 9:33 am

    yo man u were sopose to write about the history of safar the void month ding dong. next time do the right thing p.s. i dident read it so if i am wrong plese do forgive me p.s.s dont take it seresole

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