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McDiplomas and McQualifications served

January 29, 2008

I happened to read a BBC report early this morning on qualifications offered by McDonald’s for A-level or advanced diploma standard training courses. Yup you heard me right. The Golden Arch will soon be issuing McDiplomas and McQualifications, as the UK press has nicknamed them, after McDonald’s became the first three UK firms to be approved the Level 3 courses (i.e. equivalent to A-level or advanced diploma level). The other two are airline Flybe and Network Rail.

Read more here. 

This link tells a story of a journalist who once worked at the fast food giant with details of famous people who once served Big Macs and others.

I agree that working at fast food outlets can give you stress. Just look at the staff working there and you can hear orders (with codes) shouted between the front-liners and the kitchen and yet, they still manage to smile as part of their customer services. Staff also has to endure long-hours on their feet and customers who grumbles.

So those O-level leavers can now start to think of applying to McD in the UK to obtain your A-level or advanced diploma as an option. Afterall they are recognised by the QCA (UK’s exams watchdog). Have to check with the MOE here first though, if you need that scholarship.

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