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Tips on…losing weight

January 28, 2008

I just put up a post on burger before this but now I am posting on how to lose weight…hehe, just feeling guilty a bit there. Hope these tips help:

– Crash diets never work or some work BUT only for a short time, hence the name crash diet.

– Breakfast is really the best meal of the day but don’t start with the heavyweights like noodles and rice. The best food to take will be diary products and fruits. If you consume these in big quantities, chances are you would skip lunch.

– Eat little but often. Don’t starve yourself or else you end up eating alot. Eating little will stop your crave for more.

– Cut down on caffeine. It boosts adrenaline which overrides the body’s need for food and confuses the digestive system.

– Don’t weigh yourself too often. The scale might give you an impression that you are not losing weight (actually loss of water) or for some gaining it (increase in muscle weight due exercise). The best thing to know if you are losing weight is to measure your waistline or give yourself that pinch test, around your tummy, thigh or arm.

– Once in awhile, treat yourself, not by food but things like maybe shoes, bags, or dress. Guys can upgrade their PS2 to PS3.

– Don’t forget that water therapy. Water cleanses the body, literally. It remove toxins and helps to bring in oxygen.

– Exercise! Yes, the best and fastest (and probably cheapest) way to lose weight is to exercise. People who exercise have that glow on their skin so, in the long run, this will decrease your visits for facial treatment.

I will add in more tips… I know everyone is not the same – the above might work for some but not for others. I am trying to as well, not that easy I tell you but the motivation is there – a pic of me in size 8; my original Levi’s jeans (I can’t fit in this now but once I do, I know I am losing weight); my family especially my other half (muahz) and the best thing is simply, just the thought of being in the pink of health.

Those adverts and promos on slimming treatments, pills or what-have-you are so ever inviting but I don’t think I want to risk myself, not that a risk-taker here. I would rather use the money to join health gyms. Everytime I walk in a gym, I can feel the chi; happy people who exercise give me that sense of happiness as well. Its contagious yes, so, if you feel demotivated or low or depressed, try walking in a gym. Just walk in and feel the air (hope people there wear deodarants).

Another thing I want to share here is this simple story. My friend is a busy man, always making up excuses of not having the time to exercise, so you can imagine the effect it has on his weight. Last year, he said to me that he was really scared because of his increasing weight. I motivated him with my ramblings, bla bla bla, do’t this, do that (like the above  ;)) but still he gained more weight. At last he knew the answer himself. As he really don’t have time to exercise, he has to reduce his food intake. After six months, he lost five kilos and he still go on. The point is to eat sensibly plus live moderately equals healthy livestyle. I still want to enjoy an icecream even if I am 80 (if I can reach that age). Insya Allah.

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  1. February 2, 2008 11:08 pm

    really good one and thanks for it. for indian matrimonials

  2. June 19, 2013 12:35 am

    Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on websites
    I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It’s always useful to read through articles from other writers and practice a little something from their websites.

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