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SEA Games 2007 – Brunei with six medals

December 17, 2007

 Why six? What happen to the expected 50 medals at the beginning of the games? Brunei team returned home from the SEA Games in Thailand with only six medals in hand.

Comments made were the usual lack of exposure and training. I think I have heard such comments for a couple of years now. Why not send our athletes to the best sports training camps in the world and let them take part in international events? I am sure we have the money, yes? Change our athletes’ mind-set and prepare them for international exposure.

One thing I have been noticing is that our athletes are not professional or serious ones. Once they are back to Brunei after their overseas stints, they go back to their day’s jobs as teachers or administrators or the likes. Are we going to wait for our students at the Sports School to finish their studies and make sports as their careers? How long would that be?

Take for example the footballers in the UK. They are full-time footballers and earn money from playing football. They train everyday even during winter and yes, football is their bread and butter. Wouldn’t it be great to do something you love best and yet at the same time earn very good money at that?

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