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In case of emergency

December 11, 2007

This 4-WD is lucky. Smaller cars in my neighbourhood got almost submerged by the heavy pour.

I haven’t plan on what to do for the current holiday. Not going anywhere I think because I just moved in to a new place. By the way, its something that I can call Home Sweet Home now. Everything is in order. Perfecto! Except for that flash flood last night. Our area was affected with water level reaching our doorstep and almost drowning small cars [pls see pic].

Our neighbour who has lived there for 30 years said that last night’s was nothing. One time he said, it was up to his waist, and he is one tall man, about 1.8 metre tall. I believe him because I noticed the neighbourhood has poor drainage system with some drains only about six inches tall.

Read today’s local news on the flash flood here.

These are important emergency numbers and useful website (in case you have time to surf in time of emergency :p) – I will put these under a new page on the side bar.

Ambulance – 991

Police – 993

Fire & Rescue – 995

Search and Rescue – 998

Water – 140

Faults and complaints – 222 2428 (office hours) & 222 2429 (outside working hours)

Electricity – 144 (24-hour service)

Welfare/ Children – 141 – If you suspect that a child has been abused, you may call this number and remain anonymous. The authority will investigate.

Flight information – 233 1747

Search and Rescue Centre – Air and Sea – 233 2600

Weather conditions – 2330142 ext 1551 or 1888.

Narcotics Control Bureau – 877 7444 (outside working hours)

Daily Weather Forecast – surprisingly updated daily – nice!

Weather’s warning and advisory – more thundershowers expected causing flash flood this evening. Be prepared guys.

Haze conditions – not recommended, as the page was last updated, hold on guys, 8 November 2006 – a year ago!

Regional Haze Map – From the National Environment Agency. At least this is updated daily.

Geez, why am I rambling on emergency numbers now? I know the answer myself. I think its due to what has happened last night with the flash flood. I was searching for the emergency numbers when I noticed the water was rising.

I know some of us are ignorant with these important contacts. Only when things happen do we frantically search for them. So, lesson learnt.

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