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Students need guidance on how to behave overseas?

December 5, 2007

An interesting comment caught my eyes in the Opinion Page in today’s Borneo Bulletin. The writer wrote about the fate of Bruneian students aboard and ending the note with a question on what will happen to Brunei in the next decade when we have students who lead a ‘strange social life.’ as the writer wrote, because there is no Big Brother watching them.

I think this would not be an issue if parents, being children’s first teachers, have already instilled moral values right from the start and nurture them to the right path. Islam teaches that parents are the one responsible for the upbringing of their children, whether they want the children to be Muslim, Christian or Jewish.

Logically if parents have teach their children (and I mean not just by lecturing them but in action as well) on moral values, the children would grow up with those teachings at the back of their mind even until the end of their lives.

Once they are free from their parents’ eyes, like studying abroad, these children would be able to withstand whatever negative influence that come along their way. Keep the faith people.

Also I noticed that some parents do not trust their own children. I think this shouldn’t be in the first place. Trust is one of the foundations in any relationship – in partnership, family, etc. If parents treat their children like adults, they will gain respect from the children.

A child who lives with distrust turns outs to be deceitful and has no self-confidence. Children who are brought up with criticism learn to condemn. This is what I learn in life.

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