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Seven exercises you can do at your desk

December 5, 2007

Ok, so I am still sitting on my chair, typing. Here are seven exercises you guys can do while at your desk, as reported by GNS:

1/ Chair twist (mobilises and relaxes the spine as well as stimulating the digestive system and easing bloating):

Sit sideways on your chair with the chair back on your right. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are in line with your hips.

Grasp the sides of the chair back, one hand at each end, and gently rotate your torso towards it, pushing the right hand away and pulling the left hand in towards you. Look over your right shoulder and hold the posture for 20 – 30 seconds, breathing freely.

Repeat facing the other way.

2/ Cushion squeeze (strengthens the innermost thigh muscle, the vastus medialis, often a factor in the knee problems. Also good for firming your butts):

Place a cushion or rolled-up jumper between your knees, keeping feet flat on the floor and hips square. Squeeze the cushion while clinching your butts so you feel the inner thighs and bottom muscles contracting. Hold for five seconds and gradually relax, without letting the cushion fall. Repeat.

3/ & 4/ Hands and arms (recommended for office workers to help prevent repetitive strain injury – RSI ):

Place an elastic band (with a reasonable amount of tautness – not flimsy ones) around the middle of all four fingers and the top of your thumb, all digits together.

Now draw away your thumb, working against the resistance of the elastic band. Hold for a count of three and repeat five times. Swap hands.

The wrist and forearm stretch is great for anyone who uses the keyboard regularly (like me). Hold your right arm straight out in front of you with your palm facing up. Use your left hand to pull your fingers back and down to the floor. Feel the stretch on the underside of your forearm and wrist. Now turn the arm palm down, and draw the fingers back towards the forearm, keeping them straight. Swap sides.

5/ Spine stretch (you need a chair with low back to do this to help stretch out your thoracic spine -the mid-back region, into extension):

With your arms crossed over your chest and feet on the floor, lean against the chair back and allow the mid-back to curl over it, lifting elbows up to the ceiling and allowing your head to follow your neck. Hold for a moment, then return to an upright position and repeat.

6/ Core strengthener: 

Sit upright on your chair, with weight evenly spread on both feet. Without letting your pelvis tilt or your back slump, lift your right foot off the floor, bringing the thigh towards the torso and keeping tummy muscles engaged. Pause, and then lower and repeat with the left leg. Alternate for two sets of eight repetitions.

7/ Neck mobiliser (helps to stretch out the muscles on the sides of the next and keep joints in the cervical spine mobile):

Take your left ear over to your left shoulder to stretch the muscles on the right side of your neck. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the right, aiming for two to three repetitions each side. Then, with chin tucked in, slowly turn your head to the right and left, five times to each side.

Still having pains? Go and get some fresh air outside. If you still have pains, don’t worry. They are just signs of ageing. Boh!

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  1. doesemswork permalink
    December 5, 2007 7:06 pm

    Great ideas! Some of us in the office have been trialing Slendertone belts to get us in tip top shape. The abs belt was easy to use whilst working.

  2. Help permalink
    December 6, 2007 11:00 am

    Dr, I have pains all over my body. I know I work long hours at my desk, sometime I sleep on my desk. Please help.

  3. Ramble On permalink
    December 6, 2007 4:39 pm

    Ello does. Look like I will have a look at that belt you mentioned. Need something for my two-pack abs 🙂

  4. Ramble On permalink
    December 6, 2007 4:41 pm

    err, Help. I wish I am a doctor but I am not dear. Pls get a life and never ever sleep at your desk again.

  5. kepalahotakbejambul permalink
    April 16, 2008 5:22 am

    wowwieee! i tried one of the exercise (5) n already i cn feel a bit of the stresses lifted off plus, i dun need anythng els to do it. evrythng is ther in d ofis err… or my study place. i’ll circulate this to the mates. m sure they’l find it useful,very! thanks for putg it up here 😉

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