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Getting ready to usher 2008

November 29, 2007

I just bought my child’s 2008 textbooks and exercise books from her school. It’s that time of the year again at this private school. Every time they have books and uniform sale on, usually on the last two days of the school calendar, there would be a long line of eager parents who would try to complete their task in the shortest time possible.

That’s fine with me as I don’t usually go on the first day but the second day and in particular not that early in the morning. My girl would be in her Primary six next year (PSR exam, I know) so for the past seven years (inclusive of her two years in kindergarten) I have been religiously buying her school’s necessities around this time of the year.

I got caught in a very bad queue one time. I didn’t realise how long the queue was until I noticed it has taken me very l-o-n-g to reach my destination – the uniform shop. Lessons learned so now I either buy the uniform in the middle of the year or before the end of the year exams.

I like the idea of my girl’s school where everything is settled before the New Year even begins. On Report and Book Sale day, they give you a checklist of the required books plus the cost and you have an option to buy their school’s exercise books or not. Some prefer not to as there are other cheaper ones in the market at around twenty cents less each. Of course the school’s exercise books have the school’s logo on its front cover, hence a bit pricey.

Fancy books doesn’t make a difference to the child’s school achievement I agree but it somehow it boost their confidence. I hope my girl won’t go overboard by becoming arrogant or too materialistic because she has fancy, decorated and colourful books or stationery.

Anyway, I am happy to hear the Brunei Government Servants would be receiving their bonuses next month and no more in January. [Siapa yang berkenaan atu belanja tah :p]

I pity those parents who couldn’t afford to prepare for their children’s school books and uniforms in time before the New Year. Some bookstores even offer parents to offer instalments to pay for their children school’s expenses. I imagine those with lots of children. How much would they be paying? Let me do my calculations (estimates only):

For one child at a primary school:

Exercise books @ $0.25 X 25 = $6.25

Workbooks @ $2.50 X 8 (8 compulsory subjects) = $20.00

School uniform:

Baju kurung @9 X 3 = $27.00

Long skirt @7 X 3 = $21.00

Head cover or tudong @$6.50 X 3 = $19.50

Socks (pack of three) @2.50 X 3 = $7.50

[Maybe new shoes?] Shoe = $20.00


Pens @ $1.20 x 3 = $3.20

Pencils @ 0.60 x 3 = $1.80

Eraser = $.050

Sharpener = $0.50

Geometry sets = $3.50

Total = $130.75

So, say there are five children, $130.75 X 5 = $653.75

Gee, that’s a lot of money for those who earned about a thousand a month.

I am grateful with I have and what God has given me. Syukur Alhamdullilah.

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