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Smile :)

November 26, 2007

Smile and the whole world smile with you.

Is the sentence true or false? I found it very true. Tested, approved and verified, err by me.

I also found it very contagious. True or false? Again, I have tested that one too.

I would say that I am a natural, err, smiler? (Is there such a word, Qil? ç My, English teacher) Anyway, my face smiles naturally so people would thought that I am smiling at them which is actually true because I do smile at people especially strangers, and when I feel nervous (oops, now you know).

So when you smile, people would smile back at you (please no sheepish smile – senyum-senyum kambing, a Malay proverb with the same meaning).

One day after work, I was at Yayasan and saw my distant relative, an aged lady, standing alone by the entrance. I smiled at her and she smiled back. As I approached her, I extended my hands to greet her and ask how she was. She was still smiling but apologetically (and surely looking embarrassed) asked who I am.

Pleasantries exchange ensued and I teased her that as she was smiling at me, I thought she recognised me. She said it’s because I smiled at her first.

So, here is another example. At an internal survey made by a bank on its staff, the management found out that the staff smiles less during peak season. One staff commented that she was too busy with her work to smile. Not good for customer relations.

Islam encourages its ummah to smile, in fact it is part of a sedekah or gift (or charity); and its free to receive it. A quick search on the net on ‘smile’ shows 1,640,000 results relating to it, from dentistry (very important) to seminar (as part of a communications, sales and marketing programme) and even smile software.

Read this from the site on how the organisers’ of next year’s Olympics in Beijing sought the best slogan which should include ‘smile’.

So guys, see the importance of smiling. It’s a business to smile. Flash that smile and smile from your heart!

I will talk more on the science of smile. Nice!

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