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Brunei is small and beautiful.

November 26, 2007

It’s interesting to know what others think of our country, Brunei Darussalam. The main buzzwords for Brunei are (gathered from chats, travels, publications and the likes):

1. His Majesty The Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, our beloved benevolent ruler;

2. Oil (as always but for two decades from now);

3. Rich (my Malaysian friend asked me to share the oil in the disputed zone off Brunei coast with his country because he said Brunei is already rich due to #1);

4. Islam (Islam is the official religion yet tourists and foreigners alike would be seeing a different Muslim country they could compare with);

5. Tiny (like an ant in the world map);

6. Great hospitality (I wouldn’t want to argue on this – we Bruneians trust everyone including strangers! I will talk more on this later);

7. Great people (because of #5);

8. Great food – (my Ambuyat. Hehe)

[Peps, please feel free to add more. Gracias]

I think its unfair for me to say that Brunei is the best country because I am a Bruneain who truly loves her country. So, these quotes below are true words coming from some visitors who informed me after their visit to Brunei:

“After settling down in the plane and over-looking Brunei below me, I found Brunei a unique Muslim country. I have travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines but Brunei is so intriguing to me and that long haul had me a thought that what make Brunei special is its people.” – University of London’s Associate Professor.

“Masya Allah, Brunei is amazing. I always thought that it is a boring country but I found out that it has a rich culture and there is so much to do and see. I wish I had more time to explore more on the country. The people are so nice and courteous.” –  Pakistan artist.

“I like Brunei. I thought it’s a lot of red tapes, so I heard. I am a businessman, time is important to me but I found out that dealing with Bruneian is a smooth process.” – Dutch businessman.

“Brunei is dry which is understandable because it is a Muslim country. If you feel like having a drink, the neighbour is just a stone throw away.” – Tourist.

“Its too small. I completed my Bandar walk-about in half an hour.” – Tourist [The size of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei has been expanded by nearly ten fold this year]

“Nice view. I have the forest behind my hotel’s room and I was only there for three days for business meeting, at the same hotel” – Tourist

“Brunei? Nope, I don’t know about the country except the jungles. We arrived late in the evening and were whisked directly to this jungle training camp and stayed there until our training was over. Next hop was the airport, so off we went without seeing nothing else but greenery.” – Serviceman.

“Would there be any eligible Bruneian men around if I come over to your country?” – A chat friend from South Asia.

[Note of undertaking: The above quotes are true to my knowledge though edited for clarity- Ramble_On]

And, this post with an appealing title ‘How to kill 24 hours in Brunei while your plane is delayed’ from the lonely planet give you guys an idea on what others are saying (infront of our back– Bro Asmali – haha!) about Brunei.

Check on this Brunei Tourism site.

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