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Serious teething problem

November 22, 2007

I have had sleepless nights for the past couple of weeks – reason – my darling angel. She is almost 18 months now and had her first eight incisors when she was about 12 months. Yup, all eight in one go. Nice!

Now she is having it again – teething. I can see her big, white molars at both sides of her gums, protruding out. This time, the teeth grows real s-l-o-w – long bones, I know.

The signs are there – constant irritation, dribbling, swollen gums, watery eyes and occasional fever and running nose. At one stage her body temperature was at 38˚C and when my husband and I rushed her to the hospital, the doctor said, ‘Ohh…just the NORMAL fever. Babies and children do have fever now and then, otherwise they are not children.’

Until I suggested that my baby might be teething, he nodded with the hmmm….. My husband joked that I should be a doctor. Ahak!

So now, my poor angel cries and gets irritated easily. No matter how many times we have shown her Barney VCDs, she wouldn’t stop crying. Normally, she would sit still, with her eyes fixed to the tube, and ignoring others as the rest of the world revolves around her.

Cuddling and carrying her around comfort her I found out. Its tiring yes, but baby comes first, plus it’s a good workout for your biceps especially if you have heavy baby. Plus that special bonding time is very good for your child’s development.

That standing position can also help flatten your tummy. The trick is to stand with a good posture, legs slightly apart and while holding your baby, flatten your tummy muscles for up to ten counts if you can and then relax. Repeat. [Suddenly I hear music in the background – are we in a workout session?]

So, I have bought her a teething gel since her first tooth. Boy, that must be soothing to her swollen, red gums. When I tried the gel to myself, it has this cool effect like mint. Maybe I can use it if I still have anymore tooth left to grow out? Kidding! At my age!

Also, I noticed that she loves to chew on almost anything, even that round wooden pole at the edge of my bed!

I read that when babies started to grow their first tooth that’s when parents should start brushing the baby’s teeth. My baby loves the apple banana-flavoured toothpaste, branded as, errr, First Teeth. The toothpaste also comes with a user-friendly toothbrush cum gum massager (nice!) where it’s easier for you to manoeuvre your way around your baby’s curvy gum. Cost is at Br$8 at the pharmacy. Worth it mamas.

Read on a useful site on teething here.

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