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November 19, 2007

Insomnia is a condition where you have problem falling or keeping yourself to sleep. It affects 15% and 30% of the adult population. Half of the people complaining of insomnia consider their problem serious enough to seek professional help. Insomnia is perhaps the second most prevalent health complaint after pain. It is twice as frequent in women as in men and its incidence increases with age.

I never knew I had insomnia until my friend pointed that I was suffering from insomnia. At one stage I wasn’t sleeping for two straight weeks. Believe me, not even a nap. I had a personal problem at that time which I termed as my annus horribilis (after HM Queen Elizabteh II). But I have a number of bad years so I guess it must be my annuses horribilis.

Anyway, at that time I didn’t make myself to stay wide awake at night when everyone in my time zone was in their slumber land. I went to see my doctor about it and he prescribed me, of course sleeping pills but those pills caused anxiety and palpitations to me so I stop taking those. I didn’t want to die young just yet.

So the doctor, knowing my problems, advised me to relax, do meditation and prayers (he gave me surah or verses to practise) and asked me to forget my problems. The prayers and meditation were very good but not that part to forget my problems. They wouldn’t disappear overnight.

As weeks turned to months and months to years, I found myself to be very active in health and fitness that some of my friends said that my home is the gym as I was practically at the gym most of the time.

Without me realising it, my insomnia was gone. I guess it was all due to the physical activities that I did and still do until now which helped me overcome insomnia. It wasn’t easy I know because I have read and heard far worse cases than mine, like those suffering from chronic insomnia.

This site – from the e-Medicine Health – gives more explanations and information on insomnia.

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