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Bad news….

November 14, 2007

 Another fatal accident on Brunei road. A 21-year old college student lost his life in Lumut when he tried to over-take a truck and got himself under the truck. Condolences to the family and ‘Innalillahi…’ if he is a Muslim.

I feel sad when I heard such tragic news. What a loss, a young man, still in college and so much more to give. But that’s fate isnt it. We have to accept fate.

Why I am putting it down here in my blog is why Lumut? Was it only a few days ago that another young man, only 16, and a 56-year old woman died around that area due to an accident. How many people have had their accidents at that particular place? How many have died there? Does anyone have a story to share? Please, I would like to know.

So what should we do with this accident? Just say our sorry and forget it? Maybe that dangerous curve in Lumut should be removed and have the road re-routed. Maybe drivers and pedestrians alike should be very extra careful when driving along accident-prone areas such as Lumut and Damuan. Maybe the police and LTD should pay extra attention to areas that are frequented with accidents. There are no reports about vehicles’s condition involved in the accidents there so my wild guess is that vehicles may play a role in an accident too. But then its down to the drivers, they should check their vehicles and be very familiar with the vehicles.

I used to drive my late dad’s car (God bless his soul). It was an Austin Mini but due to old age, it was not performing that well. Because I knew the car, I never drive at night (no matter how often I have changed the lights), I would slow down upon seeing a corner and when making a left or right exit; those kind of things.

In my life, I have one car accident and that was because the other driver suddenly jumped to my lane. I was ok but my car wasn’t. It was severely damaged as the other car’s wheels ran into its engine.

Sometimes I feel we can’t ever be safe as we tried to drive carefully, there are other reckless drivers around and causes accident. The elders used to say never to count how many people have been involved in fatal accidents because the more you count it, the higher the number…

Another news story today is a 38-year old unemployed father was given 18 years behind the bar and 12 strokes of the rattan for raping his own girls, both aged below 16 at that time of his crime. Serve him right. What kind of father would do that to his own flesh and blood? Maybe we should put such people in the Hall of Shame so others might think before they robbed a young girl’s future, that is, if they have time to think before they do their sinful acts.

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