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First Brunei Health Expo

November 13, 2007


100 years of caring and 110 booths at the First Brunei Health Expo (15 – 17 November 2007). I would surely go to the expo or any Health Zone for that matter. The expo is free to the public and will be held at the ICC, Berakas. But first, why does it take 100 years to have your first health expo?

Ok, negatives aside; at the expo, you can browse anything and everything on health-related products and services. There will also be health conference for health professionals (and wannabes like me) and medical students for three straight days; whilst public will be able to attend the health forums on the last day. Maybe there will be report or a mention on PMS? See my previous ramble on PMS.

Kids won’t be bored at the event, which interest their parents, for they will have colouring competitions (as usual) and other side events such as Tai Chi, Kendo, Fencing and Karate-do.

“The project is designed to enrich Brunei‘s medical industry with studies conducted by the best in  the health profession.” I like that. The Ministry of Health, the expo’s organiser will have its own massive booth on its primary health services and milestones on medical improvement achieved for the past century. That’s sound really long isn’t it? I wonder how the doctors and nurses look like 100 years ago? Hope they wore gloves and masks.


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